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  • Hunter’s Maple Bush - Maple Syrup and Confections, is a family owned and operated business that has been producing Maple Syrup for over 80 years and is located in Troy, Ontario. Maple Syrup and confections may be purchased at Hunter's Maple Bush in Troy, Ontario as well as at the Brantford Farmers Market on Saturdays from May to late fall each year. Please note that Hunter's Maple Bush located in Troy, Ontario does not own or operate a restaurant or pancake house.
    By Owner, March 21, 2018
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    The first time I shopped at ya'd never know, I spent intolerant amounts of money after taking a taxi. When I got home, some of my muffins were completely moldy, and so was some of the bread. Because I had taken a taxi, I couldn't return these things. I figured there was no way that I accidentally got two things out of all of their stock that were moldy. I didn't go back for approximately two years. Then one day when I had business to do nearby, I stopped in to give it another go. Some of the food made me sick. I think it was expired. It took me a long time to get served. The woman kept taking others who had come in after me. When I asked for the expiry dates, she didn't give me any. The prices are through the roof. When I asked her the prices before selecting, she wouldn't give me those either. They owe me a lot of money. The thing is that when someone finally served me, I told her of my prior experiences and all of that lost cash for taxi and bad food. You would think that she would have apologized and made sure that I didn't get old food again. Not so. You would think that she would provide me with expiry dates and prices when I ask *before* selecting and getting to the checkout. I want to shop there, but they give me no choice. I would have to be stupid to spend all that money on transportation again just to be ripped off. Thanks!
    By Sue, March 13, 2018
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    Absolutely disguisted, received a large coffee with MOUSE POOP �on my Lid and mouse MOUSE HAIR in the cup lip part!! Pictures to prove it in store. Dealing with head office and store for 9 months now each time being pushed aside. Dealing with this situation has been even worse.
    By Jason, September 14, 2017

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